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(April 3, 2019 – Midway, Utah) Jennifer McCulloch, founder of Your Golden Life, has launched a new website,, which is dedicated to helping people experiencing tragic life events. She is no stranger to the hardships that come with an unexpected turn of events. When her husband experienced a series of strokes that left him disabled nearly ten years ago, her family’s life was turned upside down. Through suddenly becoming a caregiver to a mentally and physically disabled husband and navigating a new way of life, McCulloch focused on building resilience and finding joy in the midst of what seemed to be an impossible situation. Through her inspiring story and insights, McCulloch offers hope to anyone experiencing life’s inevitable hard times on

The website’s content is basic with focus areas including tips for care-givers and ways to stay motivated and rejuvenated in getting through day to day life. McCulloch states, “The website content is relatively small in scope for the launch and is great foundation to build upon.” She explains plans to expand the website which will include a platform for others to connect and share stories in hopes of helping one another.

McCulloch is partnering with other organizations in getting out useful information and resources for those seeking respite, assistance and comfort in times of need. She explains the majority of her audience is the aging population, although the website is relevant for any demographic. McCulloch knows all too well that getting what you need when times are rough can be challenging. She believes if we work together, we can alleviate pain, isolation and the hopelessness that people feel.


About Your Golden Life

 Founded by Jennifer McCulloch in 2019, Your Golden Life is an organization committed to helping those experiencing challenging life situations. Your Golden Life is supported by other organizations with similar missions offering a network of resources and services available to assist during times of hardship.    The company is headquartered in Midway, Utah. To learn more, visit


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