Professional Profile

Jennifer C. McCulloch



Accomplished senior level manager with over twenty years of experience in business looking to leverage extensive background in service and sport industry management, business administration and experiential learning into a recreational venue vice -president position.


Extensive experience and an excellent track record in a role with a broad scope of responsibilities.  Proven success in delivering optimal results in accordance with annual strategies in alignment with organizational core missions and goals. Dynamic leader working with teams in a high growth environment realizing substantial revenue increases. Outstanding results in venue operations, productivity, and efficiencies. Strong interpersonal, written, and verbal communicator. Effective in finding solutions pertaining to situations involving staff members or guests. Solid reputation in building and maintaining community relationships. Skills and experience include:

Strategic planning and team leadership.

Revenue goal and growth achievement.          

Training and motivation development.    

Quality management.

Organizational leadership.

Fundraising, grant writing, and sponsorship.                                 

Sales and marketing.                                                                      

Public relations.                                                                              

Experiential learning programs.

Staff recruitment and retention.


Professional Experience

Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation                                                                                       2008 – Present
Utah Olympic Park - Utah Olympic Oval - Soldier Hollow Nordic Center

Utah Olympic Park

Public Programs Senior Manager                                                                                    2015- Present

Senior level manager at United States Official Olympic Training Site working with teams managing all areas of venue operations. 

Lead Public and Sport Program Services departments providing direction, strategy, and motivation to managers and teams.

Create and manage annual revenue and expense budgets.

Provide staff with tools, solutions, and guidance to offer excellent guest experiences.

Work with teams in development of public programming, including offerings and pricing.

Play a key role in organizing community, national and international sports events.

Oversee daily operations to continually identify and improve efficiencies and productivity.

Maintain community relationships and partnerships.


Utah Olympic Park

Public Programs Development Manager                                                                            2010- 2015

Led venue management teams within public program departments at United States Official Olympic Training Site.

Provided leadership, direction, strategy, and motivation to managers and their teams in Guest Services, Corporate/Group Sales, Marketing & PR, Food & Beverage, Retail, and Sport Program Services.

Oversaw all aspects of public programming, including activity offerings, pricing, hours of operation, staffing, corporate and group rental space, guest satisfaction, and overall quality control. 

Oversaw management of Program Services providing support for Sport Programs and Clubs.

Created and managed annual revenue and expense budgets.

Identified, budgeted, and implemented capitol project needs.

Exceeded revenue goals significantly year over year.

Identified new revenue opportunities.

Maintained a key role on organizing committees for numerous sport and community events, including Nordic Olympic Trials prior to the 2014 & 2018 Olympic Winter Games.


Utah Olympic Park

Communications/Public Relations Manager                                                                  2010                                                                        

Developed, managed, and monitored a proactive marketing/media relations plan.

Proactively identified local, national, and international media opportunities.

Coordinated all advertising and promotional materials.

Designed, compiled, and published collateral.

Participated in website design and management.

Prepared and distributed press releases.

Managed all media and filming requests, including high level media activity during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

Oversaw press operations during events.

Found new and unique opportunities to engage with the community.

Maintained a key role on organizing committees for events.

Managed hosting and spectator services.


Utah Olympic Park

Administrative Assistant                                                                                                    2008 – 2010

Assisted CEO with board of director related functions and projects.

Performed human resources duties, including recruiting efforts, employee programs, and orientations.

Performed accounting duties, including cash deposits and balancing.

Maintained a key role on organizing committees for United States Bobsled and Skeleton Federation events and held the role of Race Office Director and Skeleton Secretary. 

Managed hosting and spectator events.

Worked on Sport for Life initiative launch and organized Sport for Life Summit.


Chesley Art Tours, Inc.

Owner Operator                                                                                                                      2000-2008                         

Created study abroad curriculum for colleges in the California State college system.

Negotiated transportation, accommodations, reservations, and other related activities for study abroad programs.

Traveled for overseas onsite management of programs.

Committees and Volunteer Work

Kimball Junction Business Association, Board of Directors, President                               2010 - Present 

Park City Chamber of Commerce/Convention & Visitor Bureau                                            2010 - Present

Marketing Advisory Committees – Public Relations, Marketing, Leisure Groups             2011 - 2015

Park City Fire District Hiring Committee                                                                                     2014

Park City Lodging Association                                                                                                        2010 - 2013

Park City Women’s Business Network                                                                                          2011

Park City Education Foundation Volunteer                                                                                 2012 - 2016

Park City High School Volunteer                                                                                                    2004 - 2015


Education and Professional Development

SOUTHERN UTAH UNIVERSITY – BS General Studies                                                              2019 Candidate

GLENDALE COLLEGE - Glendale, CA - Human Development                                                    1998                                                                                     

Park City Chamber of Commerce/Convention & Visitor Bureau                                              2010 - Present

      Member Training Seminars, including Via Institute on Character                      

ACCT Conference - Palm Springs, CA                                                                                               2015

      Public Activity Programming, Team Building, and Leadership Programs                                                               

Project Adventure - Boston, MA                                                                                                         2013                                                                    

     Public Activity Programming, Team Building, and Leadership Programs                                    

Leadership Park City, Class 18                                                  .                                                        2012-2013

      Training to assume leadership roles in the community patterned after the Kellogg National Leadership

      Program.  Insight into local governments and organizations. Exploration of organizational cultures.