Website Project Completion Report

Title:  Your Golden Life Website

 Abstract of Project:

“” is a website that is the foundation for information, resources and support for an organization I am going to form. This organization will provide help for people experiencing challenges that are related to issues faced by people in their later years of life.

When my former husband came home from the hospital eight years ago paralyzed from the neck down and could not speak or eat, I found it shocking how little information and support was available for someone in my situation. Although I was not in my later years of life, I believe the issues I had to deal with are more prevalent among older individuals. The challenges I faced and that are topics on the website include care-giving, finances, emotional and physical well-being, resilience and other relevant issues.

 My initial work for the website was exploring necessary components for a successful website. Then, I determined which hosting service to use for the website and secured a web address that I had reserved. I spent 10 plus hours most weeks October through February writing content and building out the website. I identified and prioritized topics for various areas of the website, found relevant images, and posted information that will later be expanded upon.

Goal of the Website

I designed and built a website that targets the aging population providing information, support and resources to help with challenging situations.

 I achieved the creation of my website by first writing about my story that got me to the point of wanting to help others who experience similar challenging situations. Writing my story became much more involved than I had anticipated, but I believe it benefited the outcome of my site and also set me up to write a book at some point.

After I wrote my story, I explored other ideas I wanted to include on my site that center around general well-being, but extremely important to focus on during tough times. One of the key aspects of the work I have been doing in my courses has been studying resilience which I included a section about on my site and will also be a great stepping stone to offer more on that subject in the future. I used a paper where I wrote about the importance of strength and resilience. I also wrote a lot of additional content relevant to the topics I chose.

I used Square Space, a website building program, to create my site adding text, images and other features.



I have completed my website and have a solid foundation to get my organization started. The project has great personal value to me with the potential of helping others as a result of my own tragic experience.

The outcome of completing my website was met with what I consider to be a site that I am pleased with and proud of, not only to use for my organization, but just as a great resource in itself. I have provided information that I believe to be helpful to others. The useful information and resources are seen on the site. The achievement of the successful outcomes of my project are evident on the website itself.

I feel the most unexpected outcome of my project was how the words came flowing out when I was writing about my story. It made me realize I have more to share than I realized. I wrote so much, that I organized my writings so I can keep writing to finish a book. I think my book will be an extension with many more stories others can relate to, lessons I learned that can help others and connecting with people in need.


Original Proposed Deliverables:

 As planned, I took and showed screen shots as I designed and built the website that show the evolution of the site. With the completion of the project, I have a published website.

Added Deliverables:

As suggested by one of my classmates in the last Edge course, I journaled my step-by-      step progress on building my site recognizing that screenshots alone may not be the best             way to capture the process.

Deliverable for presentation:

My website: