Utah Olympic Park Understands the Value of Teamwork and Invites You to Come Be a Part of Our Team

Our team-building trained Park Guides will take your team through a customized experience designed to meet your specific desired goals. Our programs are created to inspire, educate and entertain while ultimately enhancing your group’s internal structure. Our programs will provide the opportunity to build skills including communication, leadership, creative problem-solving and teamwork. 

Participants will engage in a number of physical and mental challenges that may include low or high features on elements of ropes courses, running, climbing, GPS navigation, or other activities.

Our approach incorporates the Challenge by Choice© philosophy giving participants a chance to meet challenges in an environment of support and trust.  Accepting challenges is encouraged while respecting appropriate choices being made based on an understanding of risks involved, benefits gained and personal fitness.

Your adventure begins with us learning about your organization and designing a program that is customized based on the information communicated during a discovery process.  We offer a variety of team building programs plus the option to add activities during the facilitated session. 

Our team will lead your group through an enriching adventure including a debriefing session where observations can be shared and experiences analyzed and reflected upon. You will have the opportunity to share lessons learned and ideas of how they might apply to your organization’s daily operations and beyond. 

Our interactive programs require moderate-to-high physical activity. It is important to be dressed appropriately, carry water and wear sunscreen.  We operate in rain, snow or shine, so come ready for your adventure in the great outdoors!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need further information.

Jennifer Clarke, Public Program Development Manager, (435) 658-9120